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            21 / 06 / 17

            Flamingo to present on Future Health Trends at EphMRA in Amsterdam

            • Lee Gazey, Managing Director Flamingo Health and Josh Dickins, Project Director will be presenting on the future of healthcare trends at the EphMRA annual conference in Amsterdam, Thursday 22nd June.

            • Session title: "Looking forwards, not backwards. Six future trends that will change the way pharmaceutical companies do business "

              Thursday 22 June 2017

              14.35 - 15.05

              Chair: Eva Laparra, SERMO

            • Using a combination of expert interviews and internal expertise, Lee and Josh will be introducing the audience to the world of cultural futures and explaining why foresight is as important to business success as insight in identifying key cultural trends. They will discuss six fascinating trends that they believe will change the face of our business in the future.

              As an industry, we’re great at looking backwards, but not so good at looking forward. We rarely look at the trends and forces that are shaping society and consider how they might affect our industry. But our world and society is changing and its important that companies keep up to date with these influences and trends.

              Health and healthcare provision is an area that subject to more cultural shifts than many industries, but rarely do we take the chance to look up and see what these trends are and how we might take advantage of them. Successful brands always seem to have the knack of tapping into an emerging trend or culture, some even create there own. It’s time that healthcare and pharma brands did the same.

              Stay tuned for take outs from the their presentation – this is not one to miss!