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            18 / 07 / 16

            Brazil’s resilient millennials inspire new business strategies in ‘Trans/Crisis’

            • “Moments of crisis are about transformation. Now is the time to reorganize general structures.” Guto Requena, Architect
            • At Flamingo São Paulo, we've come to understand the current millennial culture in Brazil as a mindset that is increasingly 'trans-crisis' – living in between analog and digital frameworks, looking through a crisis lens and beyond the current collapse of national institutions, towards positive actions that are spearheading change in the country’s cultural fabric.

              In Trans/Crisis ­– a cultural report produced by Flamingo São Paulo and Tapestry – the crisis narrative in Brazil is understood as threefold: Crisis of Politics [How do we organize ourselves?], Crisis of Economics [How do we produce?] and Crisis of Ethics [How do we define what is ‘right’?].

            • The report relays how for Brazilian millennials, ‘the crisis’ as we talk about it is a contextual reality of the current moment, but it’s also part of a bigger paradigm shift that their generation is instrumental in driving. The homonymous Flamingo documentary short (above) is an integral part of the report that roots it in interviews conducted in São Paulo with entrepreneurs, journalists, curators, architects and specialists.

              Millennials in Brazil (like their counterparts globally) are in the process of redefining relationships to power and the power structures that make-up their world. This is one of many good reasons why their mindset has served as an inspiring lens through which to identify the key trends highlighted in the report that helped forge strategy we believe will help businesses and brands successfully navigate these uncertain times in Brazil.

              The full Trans/Crisis report is available in English and Portuguese here.

              • Article by Zoe Graham, Camila Belchior and Ben Himowitz