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            What chocolate abs and peach bottoms mean for Chinese health

            • Gym and health-club revenues in China have nearly doubled in the past five years, rising to US$5 billion last year. The boom is heavily led by athletic brands, but physiques are without doubt being influenced by the Kylies and Kims of American TV and Instagram. Many gym goers here are not interested simply in getting healthy or losing weight but modifying their bodies to align with new fads, including "peach bottoms" for women and "chocolate abs" for men.

              Changing body modification trends is one of four health-related topics covered in Chapter Two of Flamingo Shanghai's No More Tiers series.

              Often used as a shortcut for understanding the different wants and needs of a developmentally diverse population, China’s tier system for ranking cities is a blunt tool, machined inconsistently and ill suited for the jobs to which it's often applied. No More Tiers is a series of provocations based on Flamingo cultural insights, each with implications for research recruitment.

              In addition to Chocolate Abs, Peach Bottoms, "Chapter 2: Health" includes:

              • Cottoning on?, about the slow uptake of tampons in China,
              • Pharma Illogical, on the trust premium paid for foreign brands' generic, off-patent medicines, and
              • Under Pressure about the hundreds of millions of Chinese with undiagnosed hypertension.

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              "Chapter One: Food" is also available for download, and you can download more information about Flamingo Shanghai's research services.

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              • Article by Sam Gaskin, Cheryl Hung , Frankie Huang and Stephanie Fan