Comparing TV with Video on Demand for Thinkbox

  • Thinkbox, marketing body for commercial television in the UK, asked us to understand the difference between linear TV and Video on Demand, and the implications for advertisers

    Utilising the full suite of Flamingo services, we decoded the meaning and role of TV in culture, debated findings at a roundtable discussion between Thinkbox stakeholders, behavioural economists and academics, and spent time with families across the UK both on- and offline to observe their TV viewing habits

    We developed a needstates model, validated through quantitative research, that has become the industry standard for how broadcasters think about content, media planners target their spend more efficiently and advertisers develop creative best suited to each platform

    The 2013 European Television Symposium gave us the award for “best contribution to a greater understanding of the TV medium and its audiences”

  • We are constantly on the lookout for agencies that can help us unlock real behaviours and motivations. For our latest Screenlife study Flamingo deployed their Fieldnotes app to understand what people really do with VOD. Even our viewers were surprised by their own behaviour, and advertisers are now better able to understand how to leverage this exciting new TV platform. But it was more than just a fancy app – Flamingo UK’s robust analytical thinking and ability to tell a compelling story makes them a valued strategic partner

    Lindsey Clay
    MD Thinkbox